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What Dog Parents Say About Us


Every pet parent's dream App I have been waiting for these kind of App and I got one. Q&A section is excellent which let pet parents to share their experiences. A lot longer way to go. I just loved it.

Vishal Balu


I have to say, Mikey had MAJOR skin allergies and weight issues for past 3 years and he is 4 years old. And your food, saved him and my 1000s of vet visits and a lot of bucks. It has been a month, no problem whatsoever, his poop is better, weight is finally what it should be and the allergies are at bay. The reason I opted Slpoot was its affordability as compared to other brands making similar products. And obviously the product and its variety as well. Love all of it.



My Dog Mario just loved your Fresh Dog Food Taster packs and He is very happy with the food you are making for dogs. I am also happy because he is happy. Thank You for so much for sending these Taster packs.

Megha Sharma


Very tempting food for my dogs. As soon as I opened the packet, my dogs smelled it and were drooling for it. I mixed with their existing food and to my surprise they finished the all of it in no time. Would order again for sure!

Vikram Kumar


So helpful for working professionals. Dog Walking Team is understanding. Our allocated Dog Walker Raj is responseible and we trust him. He takes care of our kids really well in sickness and health. Thank you so much.

Pratishtha Naithani


Amar, our dog walker is very good with my baby. Your service is very professional as well as very accommodating. Thanks for taking care of my baby!

Gunjan Bansal


Sploot is doing amazing in terms of standardization of the dog walkers as well as focusing on the execution. If the regular walker is not available due ato any reason, a different trained walker is sent, thus ensuring reliability



The grooming experience was fantastic ad we loved the present for Cammy. Thanks a tonne :)

Sreyashi- Cam


Good, Sooraj did a decent job. Was able to handle our American bully well during the grooming session. Happy with the service prvided.

Ashima Atmdeep- Dexter


I had a great experience with Sploot for my baby Rockys bath, Suraj was nice to him and played with him for a few minutes before bathing him.

Simran Sobhani- Rocky


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